Industrial centrifugal Pump Parts Supplier

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The impeller, either natural rubber or high-chrome alloy material, is the main rotating component which normally has

vanes to impart the centrifugal force to the liquid.Casing Split outer casing halves of cast contain the wear liners and provide high operation pressure capabilities. The casing shape is generally of semi-volute or concentric, efficiency of which are less than that of the volute type.

Industrial centrifugal Pump Parts Supplier

The flow parts size is standard, used on pump model ZH(R) centrifugal heavy duty horizontal slurry pump. Our parts under very strict quality control,we have ISO9001,SGS certification .
Packaging Details
1.Coating anti-rust oil on the pump surface and then wrapped with polythelene bag.
2.If packed by carton box,put the pump into box and fill in around with foam. And then bind the carton box with packing belt.
3.If packed by wooden box,put the pump into the box and fill in around with foam.And then bind the wooden box with metal tape.

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