Parts Of A Centrifugal Pump

  A wide range of processes and applications require the use of pumps for their operations in various industries. They can also be used in commercial and domestic applications.  A great variety of high-pressure pumps are available in different sizes, designs, and features. Pumps play a significant role in the production process and are indispensable for smooth operations. Therefore, buying a suitable high-efficiency pump requires a thorough understanding of its parts as well, so that one can buy the Parts of a Centrifugal Pump best suited to their needs.
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These components are designed to perform specific tasks:
impeller and diffuserImpeller. Impeller is a rotor used to increase the kinetic energy of the flow.
Casing (Volute). The casing contains the liquid and acts as a pressure containment vessel that directs the flow of liquid in and out of the centrifugal pump. The volute is a curved funnel that increases in area as it approaches the discharge port. The volute of a centrifugal pump is the casing that receives the fluid being pumped by the impeller, slowing down the fluid’s rate of flow. Therefore, according to Bernoulli’s principle, the volute converts kinetic energy into pressure by reducing speed while increasing pressure. Some centrifugal pumps contain diffusers. A diffuser is a set of stationary vanes that surround the impeller. The diffuser directs the flow, allows a more gradual expansion and therefore increases the efficiency of the centrifugal pump.
Shaft (Rotor). The impeller is mounted on a shaft. Shaft  is a mechanical component for transmitting torque from the motor to the impeller.
Shaft sealing. Centrifugal pumps are provided with packing rings or mechanical seal which helps prevent the leakage of the pumped liquid.
Bearings. Bearings constrain relative motion of the shaft (rotor) and reduce friction between the rotating shaft and the stator. There are at least 5 common types of bearing, each of which operates on different principles:
Plain bearing
Rolling-element bearing
Jewel bearing
Fluid bearing
Magnetic bearing

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