Pump Parts and Accessories Factory in China

  We make plunger pumps for oilfields, like water injection pumps, liquid CO2 injection pumps and high pressure booster pumps and blower pumps.
Pump Parts and Accessories Application:
Industrial parts,Machinery parts,construction parts,valve parts,train,craft,hydraulic pressure,agricultural
machinery,Marine hardware,Auto parts,electric power fittings,food machinery,harness fittings,tools ,mining machinery parts
Weight range:
Machining precision::
Surface treatment:
Heat Treatment, Polishing, Plating, Machining, Anodizing, shot, sand blasting, zinc plated, oxide, galvanized etc.
lost wax casting process, die casting process, sand casting process. soluble glass casting process, silicasol casting process
production application:
Metal parts, Mechanical parts, Marine Hardware, Electric power fitting, Construction parts, Pipe Fitting, Hardware, Auto parts, Valve parts, Industrial parts, Agricultural machinery, Hinges, etc

our company as a custom machined parts supplier ,if you need that pls contact us.

Parts of a Centrifugal Pump sale online

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