Pump body of centrifugal Pump

  Pump body of centrifugal pump Inspection Equipments:
Spectrum analysis instrument, Metallurgical analysis, Tensile strength tester, Hardness tester, Roughness tester, deflection tester, Impact test machine, Projector, Altimeter, Scale Micrometer, pressure tester, etc.

Pump body of centrifugal pump

Our Service:

(1)  OEM and custom-made service.
(2) Full machining, primer painting, and surface treatment.
(3) Full material testing process.
(4)Machinery properties and Chemical components testing after raw casting
(5) Hardness checking after heat treatment
(6) Dimensions testing after machining
(7) Quality and production control checks though all the following flow:
Drawings→ mould making →raw casting → sandblasting →rough machining or finish machining →surface treatment →product check→ packing →delivery strict

our company as a custom Pump body parts supplier ,if you need that pls contact us.
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