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With the help of our highly wearing resistant excavator bucket teeth, the risk of bucket damaging and wearing could be minimized. We make sure that they could be used for at least 6 months in general, and can be used for heavy duty excavating for continuous 3 months in large-scale mining projects. In order to ensure the service life, our excavator bucket teeth should be stored in dry and ventilated places and keep them away from extremely high temperature heat source. With superior low temperature resistance,our bucket teeth offer reliable performance in cold areas. Avoid dipping the bucket teeth in water for a long period of time.

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Our Service: 
1. We applied ourselves to provide best cost-effective bucket teeth to our customers.
2. We could produce as customers special request, or design complete solution of bucket for customers.
3. For creating customer value for our customers, Tuoxing gives biggest supports as possible to help our dealers complete with other bucket teeth suppliers, in terms of quality, advertisement, price and service.
1. Compared with most of bucket teeth suppliers located in South part of China, SSG has our own advantages in terms of costs. SSG factory located in a big city of  Hebei province, we have labor costs, real estate costs and tax superiorities than other suppliers.
2. SSG believes “small profit and quick return”, as a manufactory in China, as the first stage of industry Chain, Tuoxing keep a reasonable profit and try to give more margin to our dealers and distributors.
3. SSG keep investing on automatic production line to instead of human labor, Those facilities are definitely positive for SSG increasing production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

our company as a wholesale auto parts Supplier,if you need that pls contact us.

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